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30. October 2013

We are suspending publication of BankingInsuranceSecurities.com

The archive is fully open to search.

Please bear with us for our first major system overhaul since launch in 2002.

Articles may still be purchased for syndication. We will also consider offers for the domain name and full archive.

Phishing: Westpac credit card holders

17. October 2013

This phishing spam is the latest in a series that target credit card holders.

Purportedly from: Credit Card (locked@creditcard.com).
Subject: ALERT : Your Credit Card access is suspended

Banking: UK Home Loans guarantee scheme - an accident waiting to happen

15. October 2013

Pay attention: when I told you in 2006 that all the signs were present for a US housing crisis that would engulf the world in a financial crisis, you didn't listen. When I told you in 2007 that the crisis was happening and organised a conference to discuss strategies to prepare for and manage it, you didn't listen and you didn't come to the conference. If you were invited as a speaker, you denied there was a problem and declined to speak.

So, listen now: the next financial crisis might not engulf the world but it's going to cause shock-waves that will unsettle both money and stock markets around the globe. And it's got nothing to do with whether the USA government shuts down in a few hours. And the scheme that will cause it started within the past few days.

Pump and Dump: Monarchy Resources Inc

4. September 2013

A particularly odious pump and dump scam is circulating promoting Monarchy Resources Inc (OTC: MONK)

Consumer Credit: Aus warns of fraudulent loan arranger

30. August 2013

There's a spate of fraudulent lending e-mails coming out of South Africa. But one in particular has come to the attention of Australia's ASIC which has issued a national warning to consumers. The name "Mike Morgan Loans" sounds innocuous enough. ASIC's note will change that.

Phishing: Halifax , Lloyds, UK

29. August 2013

The UK is seeing a huge rise in phishing relating to bank accounts. Here are two more : Lloyds Bank and Halifax.

Pump and Dump: Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (PLPL) AC

2. August 2013

Tag: "After a Decade Put Into Research, Plandai, a Bio-Company is All Set for Market"

Banking: News channel reports that UK's FCA finds Barclays failed to disclose terms to the market

31. July 2013

When Barclays needed an inrush of capital during the early days of the financial crisis, it found interest in Qatar from where almost GBP8,000 million was raised in equity which was later disposed of. Barclays admits there is are parallel regulatory and criminal investigations but denies they have any merit.

Pump and Dump: roundup 20130730

31. July 2013

It's hardly worth mentioning Nuvilex - this is pumped so often that the only surprise is that the SEC in the USA and MAS in Singapore (where the Nuvilex website says it has an office) have not issued official warnings and, in the case of the SEC, ordered trading ceased. But there are others.