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A drugs dealer used cash to buy pharmaceuticals that he then resold for profit, say prosecutors

Dantrel Lamar Robert, aged 26, has appeared in federal court in Tyler County, Texas charged with being part of a conspiracy to sell drugs in Texas, take the money to California to buy codeine, and then take those drugs back to Texas where they were sold for a profit.

Co-Defendants Timothy “T-T” Taylor, Damaysha Foster, Shamonica Pickett and Jessica Long did not appear when Robert pleaded not guilty.

Tony “California Red” Harris, and Lakendrick “PeeWee” Miller have previously appeared and are held on remand.

Prosecutors say that Miller, Taylor, Foster, Pickett, Robert and Long wired money from North and East Texas to Harris in California.

Proceeds were, prosecutors allege, deposited in East Texas banks, including Bank of America, Capital One Bank and Longview Consolidated Credit Union.

Money laundering charges abound: Harris - 6 counts, Taylor, Pickett, Robert, Long, Foster - each 1 count.

Prosecutors are also applying for forfeiture of two Mercedes, three BMWs, a Bentley, a Cadillac, a Ford Mustang and an Infinity SUV plus bank accounts and half a million dollars in cash.

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